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Ocean Mother


Ocean Mother weaves together riveting poems from strands of Arielle Taitano Lowe's memories growing up as a Chamoru girl in Guåhan (Guam), layered with realizations she made across the ocean...

CHamoru Legends: A Gathering of Stories


CHamoru Legends: A Gathering of Stories retells 12 CHamoru legends and includes personal reflections from author Teresita Lourdes Perez, unique illustrations for each legend by Guam artists, and versions of...

13 Months in Malesso’


13 Months in Malesso' captures a distinctly CHamoru sense of time and place, and beautifully illustrates the many ways in which the island of Guam nourishes and sustains its people. The book tells the...



Dr. Bernadita “Benit” Camacho-Dungca wrote the Inifresi in 1991. It became Guåhan’s official pledge in 1998. It is recited daily in schools, government meetings, and other public and private events....

I Wonder Where the Yellow Went


“Kånta Babui” is a popular CHamoru song recorded by the late Mike Laguaña. It is a beloved kassi na kånta (teasing song) about a farmer’s extreme dedication to his pigs....



Juanit tells the story of a girl of mixed ancestry who, after losing her mother at a young age, is uprooted from her home in Guam and moved to California...

A Marianas Mosaic


A Marianas Mosaic features authors in and of the Mariana Islands writing in voices that range from scholarly to poetic about the social, political, and cultural dynamics unfolding across the archipelago....

I Mambiha na Tiempo


“I Mambiha na Tiempo”was originally written by master CHamoru storyteller and Kåntan CHamorita singer Clotilde Castro Gould. CHamoru recording artist Johnny Sablan brought the song to life with new lyrics...

The Lost Child (I Malingu Na Påtgon)


The Lost Child (I Malingu na Påtgon) tells the story of a young girl named Bella, who feels like she has been forgotten by her large and very busy family....

Ma Guaiya Yu’, si Nåna yan si Tåta (Grandma and Grandpa Love Me)


Ma Guaiya Yu’, si Nåna yan si Tåta (Grandma and Grandpa Love Me) is a vibrant picture book featuring lovely watercolor illustrations that depict the many ways grandparents show their...

The Massacre at Atåte


The Massacre at Atåte tells the story of the courageous people of the idyllic southern village of Malesso’, who liberated themselves from the violent occupation of their village by Japanese...

I Anonsio-Hu (My Declaration)


“I Anonsio-hu” is a CHamoru reggae song written by Pedro Blas. It represents a wave of CHamoru music committed to uplifting the CHamoru people and culture. The song title and...
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