Manuscript Submissions for 2024 are CLOSED.

Thank you for your interest in publishing with the University of Guam Press. We have reached our publishing quota. As a result, we have paused our submissions. Our editorial team is now processing the manuscripts we have received. We will reopen our submissions process as soon as possible. 

For more information and updates, please email and follow us on our social media pages. Si Yu'os Ma'åse' for your patience and understanding.

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Publishing with UOG Press

The University of Guam Press offers professional publishing services that differ from printing and self-publishing services.

When a manuscript has been accepted for publication, UOG Press provides the following services at no cost to the author/s:

  • Copy and content editing
  • Illustration/photography (if needed)
  • Graphic layout and design of cover and interior pages
  • Printing
  • Book storage and distribution to a worldwide audience
  • Marketing and promotion

Authors are actively engaged throughout each stage of the publishing process. They are provided royalties at industry-standard rates.

Please read below to learn about our submissions and editorial processes.

Submissions Process

As with submissions to most professional publishers, individuals seeking publishing consideration at UOG Press should anticipate notice of acceptance or rejection within nine months from the date of formal submission. 

Submissions that do not adhere to UOG Press’s Guidelines for General Submission will not be packaged for review by the acquisitions team.  

After submission, all manuscripts seeking publication are packaged for review by a panel of 3-5 anonymous readers with expertise in the manuscript’s subject area or genre who will consider the content, subject matter, suitability, and marketability of the submitted work. If the review panel finds the submission suitable for publication, it will be advanced to the editorial review committee of the UOG Press Advisory Council for final review. If approved for publication by this committee, the author will be contacted by a UOG Press editor for a preliminary discussion about the Press’s editorial and publication process. If a manuscript is not approved for publication, the author will be contacted by a UOG Press editor with a detailed review summary. 

The Press reserves the right to reject any submission prior to panel review if it does not advance the mission of the University of Guam Press or the University of Guam.

All submitters will be informed via email if their manuscript has been accepted, rejected, or recommended to be revised for resubmission. Those whose manuscripts are recommended for revision and resubmission may resubmit at any time, so long as the submissions window is open. We will not reconsider any manuscripts that were rejected because they did not align with the Press’s mission and values.

Please note that the review process may take six to nine months. Given the volume of manuscripts our staff processes, we will not be able to provide regular updates on the exact status of a manuscript unless requested by the author. We appreciate your patience.

Submissions Quota: 12

Given the Press’s current staffing capacity and the time it takes to do a thorough review of each manuscript, we close our general submission process for the year after 12 manuscripts have been received for consideration.

Guidelines for General Submission

  • All manuscripts must be original works with relevance to Guam and Micronesia. 
  • UOG Press will not accept manuscripts that include cultural misrepresentations or exaggerations, racist notions/remarks/points of view, unfounded claims, libel, slander, or defamation of character.
  • Information presented as fact must be accurate. All cultural and historical references must be fact-checked and sources cited.
  • Manuscripts must be thoroughly edited before submission. Submitted manuscripts should be edited for grammar as well as consistency in the spelling of place names, words in other languages, tense, voice, point of view (except if it is a literary technique in a creative text), and capitalization. 
  • Accepted manuscripts may be returned for further editing at the Press’s discretion.
  • Academic works must follow a consistent and current formatting style appropriate to the manuscript’s subject area (APA, MLA, or Chicago), to include properly formatted citations and references.  
  • If the work has been previously published, the author must have an agreement with the previous publisher to allow for republication.
  • If the manuscript includes artwork, images, and writing by other authors, written permission for inclusion in the submission is required prior to entering a contract for publication with UOG Press. The publisher reserves the right to secure permission from people who appear in photographs used in the publication. 
  • If the manuscript is accepted and does not have illustrations/photography but they are needed, UOG Press will work with the author to procure an illustrator or photographer. 
  • If the manuscript is submitted with illustrations/photography that are not aligned with the Press’s quality standards, the Press reserves the right to require edits or to reject them and identify an appropriate artist/illustrator to complete the visual needs for the manuscript.


How to Submit

A complete manuscript submission will include a copy of your manuscript and a completed UOG Press Manuscript Submission form. You also have the option of including illustrations/visuals that you would like to be considered as part of your submission. Below we outline two ways you can submit.


As a general tip, we highly recommend that you answer the questions on the form in a text editor that allows you to periodically save changes, then input your responses into the form when you are ready to submit.

  1. Complete this online form. (Preferred)

  2. Email your submission to
    1. Download the submission form as a fillable or printable PDF.
    2. Your email must have the following attachments: a completed copy of the submission form, the manuscript, and any illustrations/visuals (optional). 
    3. Depending on what software you use, the larger text fields that we provide for longer answers can actually hold more text than is visible in the fillable PDF form and will be viewable by Press staff. However, if you are concerned about your answers getting cut off, you may submit your longer answers in your submission email. 
    4. Please remove your name and any identifying information from your manuscript to allow for an anonymous review. For all manuscripts that have multiple chapters and sections, be sure to include a Table of Contents that clearly lists all chapters and sections. 
    5. Please format the subject line of your email as follows:
      Manuscript Submission - [author name] - [book title]


Manuscripts not sent through these accepted channels are not considered valid submissions, and submitters will be prompted to resend their materials.

If you are having trouble with this process, we are here to help. Email us at or call (671) 735-2153.

Editorial Process

Authors whose work has been accepted for publication consideration should anticipate a thorough editorial process that mirrors the best publishing practices of other presses affiliated with the Association of University Presses. Typically, this involves a recursive editorial review that may take as many as ten or more rounds of revision with an assigned editor after the finalization of a publishing contract with UOG Press. UOG Press requires all manuscripts in the queue for publication to undergo extensive fact-checking and review before advancing to the design and layout phase of the publishing process. The Press determines when a manuscript is prepared to advance to design and printing stages and is not beholden to the timeline of authors. Publication readiness is determined by the Press’s editorial team, and editors work diligently to ensure the manuscript is of the highest quality before it is published.

Design, Illustration, and Layout Processes  

UOG Press has the right to make final decisions regarding the publication’s art and design.  

Resources for Prospective Authors

Q&A Sessions

Attend one of our Q&As. This is an opportunity to meet with our editorial staff and ask questions that may assist you as you prepare your manuscript or even as you think about publishing a book one day. These sessions will be offered both in person and virtually. You can sign up for the next session here or by calling (671) 735-2154. 

Our team will follow up with registrants with the details for the next Q&A once it has been scheduled. We will also update this page.


If you would like to work with an outside copy editor, developmental editor, or writing coach on your manuscript prior to submitting to the Press, our team is happy to make a recommendation. You can email us at

Other Services the Press Provides

The Press also provides publishing services to individuals and organizations for a fee. Some examples include company/organization anniversary publications; grant-funded publications; technical reports; and other publishing projects. The level of UOG Press involvement can range from editing to design to arranging printing, and more. These requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will depend on the Press’s capacity at the time of the request. Inquiries should be sent to with a detailed description of the publication project and  publishing services needed.

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