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A Window Unobscured: Stories from Guahån Teachers


A Window Unobscured, published by Ta Tuge' Mo'na, reveals a glimpse inside the world of educators and a unique understanding of the profession as they experience it today. Through the...

Mother Tree: Fanihi Matte Print


“Atisa embraces Guinifi tightly and calls on the spirits of the taotaomo'na—the first people of the land—to help protect her friend.” Mother Tree tells the story of Atisa, the last...

Ocean Mother


Ocean Mother weaves together riveting poems from strands of Arielle Taitano Lowe's memories growing up as a Chamoru girl in Guåhan (Guam), layered with realizations she made across the ocean...

Tåsi, Tåno', and Pulan


Twins Tåsi and Tåno' discover an exciting new world when they make a special connection with a sea turtle names Pulan, who comes back every year to visit them. One...
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The Weaver of Voices Bundle


Gift the rich tapestry of the Mariana Islands with this bundle that comes alive with the voices of the Pacific. Immerse yourself in the unique stories of our region’s peoples,...

University of Guam: Ina, Diskubre, Setbe


University of Guam: Ina, Diskubre, Setbe celebrates the dynamic role the University of Guam plays in the island and throughout Micronesia. This hardcover book captures the ways UOG lives its...
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