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Dry Nights


Dry Nights is a powerful collection of poetry that explores the deep impacts of love, sensuality, loss and longing that pervade the night with memories often left unspoken in the...

Dry Nights Short Film


Dry Nights the short film is the visual adaptation of select poems from Pep Borja’s haunting and intimate poetry book, Dry Nights. The film was produced in partnership with UOG Press and...

Fanggái’ase’ – Conscious Living and Compassionate Eating, A Plant-based Cookbook & Guide for the Marianas


Fanggái’ase’ in CHamoru means to be compassionate. This cookbook was designed to promote compassionate eating practices and to help people in our community shop and eat mindfully, prioritizing the health...

Finu’ Chamorro for Beginners


AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER Please allow 10-12 weeks for restocking and delivery. Finu’ Chamorro for Beginners offers comprehensive and practical lessons and language drills for anyone interested in becoming more confident and...

Giha Mo’na: A Self-Determination Study for Guåhan


Lead by Dr. Carlyle Corbin, Dr. Ken Gofigan Kuper and economist Joe Bradley, this free educational resource features a detailed analysis of Guam’s current political status and explores independence, free...

Guam Diary of Naturalist Antonio De Pineda, 1792


Antonio de Pineda Ramirez was both a military officer and scientist for the Spanish crown, being most famous for his botanical research. Heading the scientific expedition under the auspices of...

History of the Mariana Islands


"Histoire des isles Marianes (History of the Mariana Islands), written in Paris in 1700, provides a detailed glimpse into a tumultuous and critically significant period in the history of the...

I Anonsio-Hu (My Declaration)


“I Anonsio-hu” is a CHamoru reggae song written by Pedro Blas. It represents a wave of CHamoru music committed to uplifting the CHamoru people and culture. The song title and...

I Atfabeton Chamorro: The ABCs of Chamorro


I Atfabeton Chamorro was created through a collaborative effort involving teachers, students, artists and photographers from Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. Each letter of the CHamoru alphabet is used...

I Biåhen Kiko’ gi i Engkantåo na Gigipu na Såkman


Mafañågu si Frank Thomas (Kiko’) Freitas Guzman gi i diha 9 gi Måtso, Dos Mit Dies, lahen Mark Devin Palomo Guzman Sigundu grådu gui’ på’go gi i Mountlake Terrace Elementåriu...

I Lalai i Bilembaotuyan


I Lalai i Bilembaotuyan is the loving story of a young girl, Lalai, and her grandfather, Tåtan Bihu. Tåtan Bihu is one of the few remaining people that know how...

I Mambiha na Tiempo


“I Mambiha na Tiempo”was originally written by master CHamoru storyteller and Kåntan CHamorita singer Clotilde Castro Gould. CHamoru recording artist Johnny Sablan brought the song to life with new lyrics...
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