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University of Guam Press

The Neni Corner: Connect to Family

The Neni Corner: Connect to Family

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Gift a stunning collection of UOG Press’s children’s literature, crafted with care and intention for your nenis. Spend a day on Guam with Ha'åni, learn to play the bilembaotuyan with Lålai, or share your endless love with your Nåna and Tåta. Included in these bundles are children’s books that promote the value of family and connect our nenis to their cultural roots and loved ones. 

Titles included in this bundle
Un Ha'åni yan si Ena
Ma Guaiya Yu', si Nåna yan si Tåta
The Lost Child/I Malingu Na Påtgon
I Lalai i Bilembaotuyan

(Order a Neni Bundle and get a packet of free activity sheets and coloring sheets

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